Friday, February 12, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 19

12 February 2010, Friday
Day 19

I was told that today, the electrician would come to fix all the electrical sockets and fixtures (hanging lights, downlights, fan, exhaust fan, cooker hood, hob). I did raise some issues with Jali but he dismissed my concerns (it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know all these, somehow a blogging housewife seems to know better.....)

So, when the electrician came, they were quite annoyed as they realised that most things were not ready yet despite being told otherwise by Jali, i.e no hole was drilled for cooker hood; wall lights and fan couldn't be fixed yet as the walls hadn't been painted yet. And the wall facing the washroom has not been plastered, hence they couldn't fix the electrical socket.....and the list goes on......

There's still a lot of things which are not done yet despite it being Day 19:
1/ Floor tiles
2/ Wall tiles (5%) left
3/ Grille
4/ Door
5/ Tiling of table top
6/ Gutters
7/ Painting of ceiling (dry area)
8/ Plaster ceiling of wet area
9/ Painting of washroom
10/ Kitchen cabinets
11/ Plumbing work
12/ Glass frame for windows (kittos' rooms)

Later in the afternoon, the workers came to fix the door and grille for the window. Thank God they called me before they fixed the grille for the windows.

Depth-wise, the grille was far too big. Of course I had told them they needed to redo or readjust as there was no way I was going to have an oversized grille spoling the beauty of my kitchen!!!! They promised to return tomorrow to fix the mistake.

I'm trying very hard to contain my anger and frustrations.....

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