Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 9

2 February 2010 (Tuesday)
Day 9

Day 8 into my kitchen makeover and thank God, today there's less drilling and hacking. Probably they're working on some other work, although half the floor is still not hacked nor drilled. Whatever, I'm glad for the reprieve.

And I've also completed translating my Digital Marketing Book, a project I've been working on, in fact, have been breathing and living DM since end of November 2009. Imagine, everyday, having your eyes glued to a 360-page book, and poring through dictionaries, thesaurus, glossaries and terms relating to digital marketing and internet for almost 3 months.

I'm now into the editing phase, and hopefully in a couple of days' time can start the proofreading stage, before I'm done with this exhausting and tiring project. My target is to complete this book well ahead of my deadline, i.e 25 February 2010.

Meanwhile, now that the translation part is done, I can relax somewhat as the translation bit is the most tedious and laborious part. I have hardly done anything else during this period, no TV, no nothing, except translating and the occasional facebooking and blogging (thank God I could still indulge in these two passion).

For the past 70 days, I've been profoundly intertwined with Terms like Web 2.0, simulcast, spider, SEO, SERP, link, embedded format, etc.

And I have also delved intimately into the thoughts of the two authors Damian Ryan, and Calvin Jones. And I think I've had enough of them.

I'm looking forward to resuming my literary and far more intimate relationship with Sophie Kinsella, Nora Roberts, Sue Townsend, Melissa Hill, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, and the likes of them. I've missed their intriguing plots and twists, and most of all I've missed the sheer pleasure of reading.
By the time I'm done with all the phases, I hope my kitchen makeover will be completed too. And, pleased as I may be, it'll be a mega headache for me as I've to look into cleaning up the HUGE mess in my entire house. Looks like Sophie, and Nora, and John, and Jeffrey will have to wait for a couple more weeks before I can caress them again.

As I'm in a celebratory mood today because I've completed Phase 1, I gave myself a treat by catching a 2-hr movie on ASTRO Max, "Safe Harbour", a touching and moving love story, about two grieving souls who found each other on a fog-shrouded California beach, but as their passion grew, the darkness of their past threatened to destroy their love. That was a truly blissful break, a solid 2-hr break since I started on this translation project.

And right after the movie, I went down to check on the progress of my kitchen makeover. It aws a huge relief to discover that they've completed hacking the old floor tiles, so I reckoned they'll be ready to cement and retile both the walls and floor within the next couple of days. I couldn't wait to see my kitchen taking its new shape soon.

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