Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 30

23 February 2010, Tuesday
Day 30

Today marks the 30th day since my kitchen underwent a makeover. And I'm fervently hoping that by next week, everything would have been completed.

I miss tinkering in my kitchen. I miss a clean and neat house. And most of all, I miss my own cooking. I miss whipping up a frenzy in my kitchen.

Basically, I miss home-cooked food as we have been tapauing or dining outside the last 30 days. And believe me, all of us are getting sick and tired of consuming outside food. Some days, it gets downright unbearable, thinking of just what to eat.


  1. Agree and I love this saying. BTW - who's there? Can't make out your name as it's in Chinese.