Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 20

13 February 2010
Day 20

Yesterday Jali told me that his workers would come in this morning to cover the upper portion of the kitchen door with bricks, now that they have fixed the door, and the workers who's supposed to fix the mistake in the grille size was supposed to come too.

In the end, only work on my door, and fixing of the gutters were completed. My windows are still not fixed yet as the workers failed to turn up. Angry couldn't begin to describe my current feeling.

In any case, last evening, I received a call from my ex-student saying that Omer, my ex ESOL students is in town and wished to meet up. As I have veen supervisng dilligently and patiently my kitchen makeover the last 3 weeks, without any break, I agreed to meet up as I deserved a much-needed break. It has been quite a stressful 3 weeks, to say the least.

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