Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm in labour!!!

12 February 2010, Friday

I'm in labour and my due date is not till 24 February 2010.  Actually, I'm about done with my translation project. I'm now at Phase 3, i.e proofreading stage, and by the next couple of days, I should wrap up everything and hand over the completed assignment to ITNM.

I couldn't wait to be relieved of this as it has been a long and laborious process. Come to think of it, why do I keep on doing this? The money isn't that great, and it's a painful process. I likened doing translations to being pregnant:
1/ Conception stage (Acceptance of project)
2/ 1st Trimester (Translation)
3/ 2nd Trimester (Editing)
4/ 3rd Trimester (Proof reading)
5/ Labour (Finalising and tying up loose ends)
6/ A Baby is Born (Handing over completed project)

And in my case, during stage 2 to 5, you keep cursing yourself on why you're in such deep s&*%#@, and after you've gone through Stage 6, with a short break, and if another project comes along, you agree, just like agreeing to have another baby, despite going through a long and painful labour the last time around. Life is such, and I'm no exception.

And, especially when you see your name printed on the book, it's such a euphoric feeling, and really satisfying, just like holding and caressing your own baby.

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  1. wah.. auntie jadi penterjemah ITNM rupanya..buku ITNM antara buku2 favourite saya :)