Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 18

11 February 2010, Thursday
Day 18

Time sure flies, and today is already Day 18 of my kitchen makeover. Today, Ah Ki managed to continue with the wall tiling only after 12:00 p.m when Jali delivered more tiles. Because of this delay, Ah Ki did not manage to complete all the walls. The balance of the walls can only be tiled after Chinese New Year.
With effect from tomorrow, the Chinese workers would take a week's break before they resumed work.

And today, Kamal Pest Control came to do treatment of termites in my kitchen before the workers lay the floor tiles.
 My area is notoriously known as a termite-infested area, but was later told by the worker that the ENTIRE KL is ACTUALLY infested with these vicious pests. As the other parts of my house are still in a mess, they would come back, probably 6 to 8 weeks later to complete the treatment.

Coupled with the extreme heatwave that we have been experiencing the last couple of adys, I'm getting very irritable and impatient with the slow progress of my kitchen makeover. And looking at my house condition, I'm on the verge of going bonkers....

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