Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reunion of some sort

13 February 2010, Saturday

After a lapse of almost 1.5 years, today I met my ex-student, Omer Cepalo from Bosnia. He had been holidaying in Malaysia the last 1 month, but only managed to contact me at the very last minute through Zameer (another ex-ESOL student from Pakistan).

Omer Cepalo is scheduled to return to Bosnia tomorrow (Sunday). When I received a call from Faizal (also my ex-ESOL student from Malaysia), that both he and Omer Cepalo wanted to meet up today, I agreed immediately as I needed a break from supervising my kitchen makeover.

As my daughter Ina has also been cooped up in the house the last 1 week (she's back for a 2-week Chinese New Year break), I asked her along.  Without much hesitation, she agreed.

We met at KLCC and had a sumptous and delectable lunch at House of Sundanese. Although the food was pricey, it was well worth it as the dishes were really good. Afterall it's not everyday that I could dine with my ex-ESOL students.
Muhammad Faizal with his brand-new 2010 hairdo
After lunch we went our separate ways; Omer and Faizal walked into Kinokuniya, and my daughter and I headed towards the LRT, enroute Amcorp Mall, as she wanted to buy a couple of stuff. In the end, she didn't buy anything as most shops were closed as the Chinese would be having their CNY reunion this evening.

We ended up buying McDonalds for my hubby and boys who hadn't taken their lunch (what my husband called as 'heavy tea') and I managed to nick two books from BookExcess (knowing how I cannot resist books), it's amazing that I only bought two books this time around.

All in all, it was a good outing for my daughter and I, as what I'd termed as "mother-daughter" time.

And, it was wonderful that I managed to have a REUNION of some sort with my ex-ESOL students. So long, farewell guys. Till we meet again, God knows when, especially for Omer, who's ensconed on the other end of the globe, i.e. Bosnia.

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