Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Makeover: Day 16

9 February 2010 (Tuesday)
Day 16

Today, they brought more sand to mix with the cement for the wall tiling as work on tiling the walls continued, and finally it's taking shape.

They managed to complete two walls, and I reckoned all the walls will be completed by Thursday.

Heard from Jali that the Chinese workers will cease work on Friday as most would be going back to their respective hometowns for Chinese New Year.

Hence, the Indonesian workers will take over w.e.f Friday. Tiling the floor requires less skill than tiling the walls, so I'm less perturbed.

Meanwhile, my husband and I went to PJ Old Town to buy taps and bathroom accesories for the kitchen sink, for the washing machine and also for our master bathroom.

We ended up at the same shop, Hanlim Trading Sdn Bhd, a shop which we first patronized about 20 years ago.  They're still standing tall, the design, the shape of the shop still looks the same.  The only difference is, the things they stock which are more in line with contemporary designs.

Having done that, we're through and done with shopping for accessorries and stuff for the kitchen.

I can't wait for the kitchen makeover to be completed as it's been 16 days since they started and I pray and hope it's worth all the money, effort and inconvenience we have to put up with.

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