Friday, October 23, 2009

Art Attack 2

23 October 2009, Friday

Reflections of My Life Through Art

After I left school, and after going to University, and once I started working, I had to "bury" my passion and zeal in Art due to heavy commitments as a student and later, in my work in the office.

In 2003, I had quite a lot of free time on my hand when my husband was posted to Bintulu, Sarawak. One day, I came across a newspaper article about this lady, by the name of Azizah, who dabbled in glass painting.  It piqued my interest in Art all over again.

Thus begin my long love affair with glass painting.  I signed up for a class with Puan Azizah who taught me the basics and rudiments of glass painting and decoupage. There was no turning back since then.
Glass painting and decoupage are so therapeutic that whenever I'm down and out, and whenever I indulge in it, I become lost in a world of my own without a care to the world. All my worries and pains seemed to dissipate once I began drawing. I would draw on glasses, clear bottles, green bottles, brown bottles, black bottles, perfume bottles, wooden photo frames, wooden objects, plates, etc.
Friends who knew of my interest began donating bottles to me.  I even received one sackful of wine and liqour bottles from a friend who worked as a pilot. The bottles were really beautiful and of unique design.
However, I must caution glass painting wannabes that this hobby is not only therapeutic, but it can also be very addictive.... I was once reproached by my husband - I was so engrossed and passionate about this therapeutic hobby that I was immersed in the painting for 5 continuous hours. I recalled him standing at the staircase and saying, "HELLO!!! In case you forgot, you still have a husband!!" Ha.ha.ha.... I tend to get carried away once I start painting.

Once I became more experienced and more confident, I began experimenting with various types of medium, accessories, and style. There was no boundary to my creative juices. During that period, I was so obsessed that wherever I go, I saw things differently. I saw things in a diverse light. Just looking at the floor, roads, trees, curtains, bedsheets, pillow cases, or fabrics would trigger creative ideas for my design.

And I began conducting classes for kids and adults and conducted workshops in offices for people who love to dabble in glass painting.  Needless to say, the response was overwhelming. And I had also sold my painted items at car boot sales as well as to individuals.

In 2007, once again, work commitments as an ESOL lecturer as well as HOD, do not permit me to indulge freely in this therapeutic art, but now that I'm a lady of leisure, I will have lots of pleasure indulging in this addictive hobby, once again. And this time, I will be sure not to neglect my husband.....

Some of my work of art of yesteryears.......





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