Friday, October 2, 2009

Bullied in My Kitchen

2nd October, Friday (13 Syawal)

Despite not recovering fully from my bout of fever and flu, I fasted for the second day today.  Since last night, I've been having this pounding headache.

I woke up with a head as heavy as rock. The back of my head is pounding and I feel as though my head is swollen. It feels distended.

And I remembered that I'm supposed to start preparing for my youngest son's Raya gathering with his friends at our house tomorrow. If truth be told, I'm quite reluctant to cook for a big group as I'm still feeling horrible. But, Khairi bullied me into agreeing.  He bullied me to go to the kitchen, instead of resting in bed, particularly with the pounding heading I'm nursing.

Right after sahur and Subuh prayers, I left instructions with my maid to prepare for me all the stuff before I come down to cook after Zuhur.

After Zuhur, I went down to cook Kuah Kacang and Sambal Tumis Sotong@Kinsella.

And later today I'll cook Nasi Himpit.
And tomorrow morning before Khairi's friends arrived, I would cook Mihun Putih@Kinsella and heat up the Baked Macaroni@Kinsella which I had cooked earlier.
Urgggghhhh... domestic drudgery which I quite enjoy!!!

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