Sunday, October 18, 2009

Babah and I Missed You So Much Princess, Our Little Girl

18 October 2009, Sunday (29 Syawal)

My little princess, Babah and I missed you so much. My heart cried out with joy upon reading your birthday dedication, albeit 2 days late. Thank you princess.
We're counting the days till you come back to KL to be with babah, Abang Khairul, Abang Khairil, your naughty manja adik, Khairi, and I. And we'll make the best of your short sem break (hardly a month) when you're back with us. We're dying to take you places. I wish you could go to Mynamar with me...end of this month.

And I'm sure you're longing to savour Roti with Kacang Pul@la-Kinsella, Roti with Baked Beans@la-Kinsella, Nasi Tomato@la-Kinsella, Spaghetti Bolognse@la-Kinsella, Kuah Pedas Telo@la-Kinsella, Kari Daging@la-Kinsella just to name some of your favourite home-cooked dishes.

Babah and I will always pray for your success in your exams and in whatever you do. We love you loads, princess.

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