Friday, October 16, 2009

Oats and Porridge because of A.G.E

16 October 2009, Friday (27 Syawal)

Can you imagine living and thriving on oats and porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner for five solid days? I have just been doing that. I have been down with food poisoning since last Monday, 12 October 2009. And till today, I am still having cramps and contraction-like discomfort.

According to my family doctor, this condition is termed as A.G.E. Oh..... and A.G.E has nothing to do with my birthday today. A.G.E actually stands for Acid Gas Enrichment. Apparently, he has had increased cases of people consulting him for similar symptoms the last 3 months or so. Out of 3 people who consulted him, one would be an A.G.E patient.

At one stage, I felt as though a tsunami had hit my stomach.  The cramps and contractions really wreaked havoc in my stomach.

I've had food poisoning before but had never experienced one as bad as this one. It really floored me.

And to-date I've not touched any solid food, nor have I touched any chillies. I've reached a stage where the thought of food makes me sick. I would feel queasy and my stomach would churn. Hope this condition and feeling would pass soon.

So, folks, be wary of A.G.E.

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