Friday, October 9, 2009

Madam Butcher

9 October 2009, Friday (20 Syawal)

Have you ever heard of Mdm Butcher? It is not a woman who butchers man.  Neither it is a woman who butchers children.

Mdm Butcher is a shop selling everything relating to what else, butchery of course.
It is tucked in a little corner in Bangi. But unfortunately I could not find any website linked to this shop. The shop stocks a lot of stuff that I normally would buy.

It's really convenient as it's like a one-stop shop selling stuff like chicken stocks, cheese stocks, tenderloin meat (both Indian as well as local meat), sliced beef pepperoni, chicken, chuck bones, all types of sauces, garlic butter, frozen foodstuff, etc. They even sell Ikan Keli Salai.

And if you buy the meat, they can cut the meat to your desired cut, chunks, slices, thinly, thickly.  It's all up to you. There should be more butchery shops like this.  It's clean and it's so convenient and it's open every day.

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