Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What You See Is What You Get (WYSWIG)

6 October 2009, Tuesday (17 Syawal) 

Have you ever wondered why human beings can be so docile and meek on one instance and the next second can turn aggressive, hostile, destructive and violent? I wish someone could explain to me this syndrome or phenomena. I wish I have the answer. I wish I know how to deal with such situations better in future.

Could people like this be suffering from schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, particularly the latter as they suffer from apparent mood swings and bipolar-like states

I suspect my current maid suffers from schizoaffective disorder, as her mood swings and changes at the flick of a finger. She can be very courteous, very meek and docile at one instance, and change into a woman possessed by the devil or satan at the next instance.  She sometimes scares me to death.

There are many people who have spoken strongly about foreign maids. I always likened getting a maid to lucky draws. You may be wondering why I say this. If you think and ponder very carefully, you'd definitely agree with me.

When you go to the maid agency and tell them the profile you require they would give you several profiles that they reckon will match what you require. 

And you wait for several weeks before the maid arrives. And the day she arrives, you welcome her with a deep sense of apprehension. 

Would she be okay?  Would she be respectful of you and your household? Would she be able to meet all your requirements (despite the beautifully inflated profile)? 

Would she be able to work under pressure?  Would she be able to handle your kids?  Would she treat your kids well?  Would she be able to take care of your mum or dad? Would she know how to cook? 

Would she be moody? Would she be able to adapt to your customs and culture given she comes from a totally different environment and background. Would she be able to adapt to your style? Would she stay long with you?

Would she gossip with the neighbours or anyone else who cares to listen to her?  Would she be docile?  Would she be meek?  Or would she be aggressive?  Would she be violent and hurt your family members? Would she abuse your kids or your loved ones? 

Or is she suffering from schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? Is the disorder lurking within her without it being noticed by anyone?


And once she comes on board, you will only know her true colours after she has served you for a couple of months. And at that time, you will remember with distinct recollection why I've likened getting a maid to getting a lucky draw.  

If you're extremely unlucky, you'll get a schizoaffective disorder maid like mine, or one with similar problems or with other problems, could be health, could be mental, could be physical. No one in their right mind (both maids and agents included) would reveal any deficiencies that are afflicting the maids. When it comes to getting a maid, it is WYSWIG - What You See Is What You Get.

But if you're very lucky, you'll get likeable and wonderful maids, like all the other maids I've had before. 

Perhaps, I should come to terms with the fact that not every time I would be lucky.  Being lucky three times out of four times is not such a bad situation.............. 


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