Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Life’s Ugly Moments

31 October 2009, Saturday (12 Zulkaedah) 


Ever wondered when your ugly moments are? 

I’m not referring to the morning look 

Or the look when you’re not feeling well 


Think about the time you answered your family rudely 

Just because you think you had a hard day at work

Try to picture your own face when you are doing that
How about the time when you cursed while driving?
Do catch a glimpse of yourself on the mirror the next time you do that

Think again about the time you were in a bad mood
For whichever reason that you may have
And how you showed a black face when you are with your friends
Making conversation was the last thing on your mind
So you punish them with the awkward silence
That’s another ugly moment that is similar in kind

How about the time you saw a beggar
But quickly averted your eyes?
It may be brief, but it doesn't mean it's not ugly
Or that time when you told a lie
And hoped no one saw the flicker of your eye
As subtle as it is, it still doesn’t discount the fact that it is ugly

There are many moments in our lives
That when we are not careful
We can show our ugly side
Take note today and make it right
We don’t always have to hurt the people we love
We just have to try to show our good side...

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