Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beriani Here I Gam

7 October 2009, Wednesday (18 Syawal)

Today, my husband and I went to the Immigration Department in Putrajaya to cancel my schizophrenic maid's work permit.

Boy!! I felt a huge surge of relief once the Immigration officer stamped C.O.M Applied (Check Out Memo) on her passport symbolising freedom for my family, freedom for my father-in-law who had been verbally and physically abused by this crazy miad.

C.O.M on my maid's passport meant that she ceased her right to work for my family as of 10 October. In case you're wondering what I'm rambling about and why I've termed her schizophrenic, please refer to my earlier postings on Maids1 and Maids2.

While we were waiting to be served at the Immigration Department, my husband had casually mentioned that when he was here in January 2009, both he and his sister Tini, had tried the Beriani served at the restaurant just next to the section we were waiting at.  And he commented that it was good.

As we were not sure what to have for lunch, I had suggested we buy the Beriani home. Soon after we were done at the Immigration counter, we strode over to the Beriani stall.  It was just a normal stall served by the legendary mamaks.

My husband had ordered Beriani with kambing;
 for my eldest son, Khairul, it was Beriani with beef;
for my youngest son it was Beriani with Fried Chicken.
And I had ordered Beriani with 2 pieces of medium sized chicken, one Ayam Masak Madu, and another one, Ayam Masak Kari.
We had to do a little shopping at TESCO and by the time we reached home it was close to 2:00 p.m. Can you imagine how my mouth had salivated with the aromatic smell oozing from the four Berianis that was pervading our car?

Boy!! It was a real torture having to inhale the smell, without being able to dig our fingers into the Beriani. In any case, despite the strong and wonderful smell, I was still skeptical about how good the Beriani was despite the excellent review by my husband.

Once we reached home, there was not a moment to lose as we were both ravenous as it was well past our lunch time.

And once I've heated the Beriani for my husband and I (the two boys wanted to eat theirs later), we tucked into the Beriani.  The Beriani came with Dalca, Acar and an egg in each packing. And the helping was huge.  We actually kept half of each to be savoured again for dinner.

My! Oh My! The Beriani was really good. Better than good. It was excellent.  Better than excellent. It was superior to any other Beriyanis I've tasted before. My favourite has always been the Beriani that can be found at Jalan T.A.R. But this Beriani was one of its kind. It was HEAVENLY!!!

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