Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wan Rayyan Haziq turned one!

24 October 2009, Saturday (5 Zulkaedah 1430)

Happy Birthday Rayyan!!

Today is Wan Rayyan Haziq's birthday celebration. Ryan is my grand nephew, the son of my nephew, Wan Abdul Muhsin (Ocen) and Emma Sani.  Ryan turned one year old on 6 October 2009.

My husband, Amir, my eldest son, Khairul and I arrived at Emma's (Ryan's parents') house at 4:00 p.m and were shocked to see a sea of people at their house. We did not expect so many people to attend a one-year old boy's birthday party.  Well Ryan, you sure are very popular, despite your young age.
Wan Ryan Haziq and Nanny Wan
This is the second time we had attended Ocen's kids' birthday party. And it's the second time too that we had savoured yummy, delectable and mouth-watering food.  The laksa was great, and the kue teow was superbly tasty. I recalled attending Wan Batrisya's (Ocen's and Emma's daughter) birthday 2 years ago, and at that time, the food was simply first-class.

Seen at Wan Ryan Haziq's birthday do.

Syed, my infamous bro-in-law
My husband, Amir Hussain, and my eldest son, Khairul Amirin,
and in the background, Wan Abdul Hafiz, my nephew

My nieces, Sharifah Nabila (fore front) and Noraihan Abdul Rahman

My niece, Sharifah Nor Fatihah

Wan Mohd Nabil (my nephew) and his daughter, Wan Aisyah Suraya
My grand niece, Wan Aisyah Suraya

My two notorious brothers in law, Khairuddin and Syed

As we had to attend another appointment, we did not stay long, and left soon after savouring the tantalising food. Ocen/Emma, thanks for inviting us, and please INVITE US AGAIN for future birthday parties at your house.....

And Ryan, we wish you many more happy and blessed birthdays ahead of you.
One year has gone by
And today's your birthday
Take time to make the magic last
Make the memories remain
Capture all the moments
Hold them to you near
As time keeps moving forward
To another one next year

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