Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Raining Birthdays!!!

25 October 2009, Sunday (6 Zulkaedah)
It's the second day running that my husband and I had attended kids' birthday do. Well.... we aren't actually complaining, particularly since without a maid, such celebrations alleviate somewhat my headache about what to cook for lunch....

We sped to Kirah's house just before 3:00 p.m to attend her daughters' birthday party. Amirah, the third child turned 6 on 17 September, while Zayanah, the youngest kitto turned 5 on 26 October 2009.

Happy Birthday Mieya and Nana!!!
Please grow up fast so that you both 
can cook Mihun Sup for Uncle Fusil!!

Upon reaching Kirah's house, my brother Wan Elias, Zaini Long, my sis-in-law, and my niece, Wan Nadia were already there. Elias was already helping himself to the dishes.  I guess they had skipped lunch, just like us!! As we were ravenous, we joined Elias and his family, without a moment to lose.  Being one of the early birds, and as the saying goes, "Early bird catches the worm has its advantages. We needn't rush with the other guests to partake the food. 

The entrance to Kira's garden was gaily decorated with an arch and balloons.

After helping ourselves to the food, we sat outside and caught up with each other as such occasions only afford us the opportunity to chit chat with our siblings.
Among the early birds... Wan Elias, my brother, and my husband, Amir Hussain

The two birthday kittos, Mieya and Nana were nowhere to be found. It was only much later that they emerged from their hiding place....
If you look closely at the pics, most of the guests were the same as the ones who attended Rayyan's birthday do on Saturday.  Suffice to say, it was raining birthdays the last two days....

Caught on camera at Mieya's and Nana's Birthday party......







"Malu tapi mahu" 
My grand niece, Syaza, the reluctant participant
The tiny tots having a whale of a time playing "musical paper"

My grand niece, Wan Batrisya singing her hearts out to win the last prize...

Saturday's birthday boy, Wan Rayyan Haziq

"Mummy, why did you buy a school bus for us? We want a Beemer!!"

"Come frens, let's take a ride on the school bus!"

The birthday kittos' mum, Kirah, 
who couldn't wait for the girls to grow up to do all the cleaning and household chores

"What a relief!!! Uncle Syed can take over taking care of Rayyan!!!"

Till the next birthday party or family gathering, So long... Adieu... Farewell... Sayonara.... Poitu Varen... Au Revoir... Zai Jian... Jumpa Lagi.... Ma'assalama...Khodafez........

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