Saturday, October 3, 2009


3 October 2009, Saturday (14 Syawal)

It's now 4:49 p.m.  Our house is very quiet.  The gastronomic attack is over and done with. Khairi's friends left about 30 minutes ago. And he has gone to the Cyber Cafe with his close friends. Cyber Cafe? Why in the world would anyone go to the Cyber Cafe if they have access to computers and laptops at home??? Beats me!!!

There's only my husband and I left at home.  Earlier today, my second son Khairil had left for Penang to attend his boss' Hari Raya do.

And Khairul too has gone out to meet his friends after buying kueh (tea treat) for us.  We had assumed he would buy goreng pisang or curry puff (the usual tea treats you can find around the neighbourhood) but instead brought back Cakoi.

Whenever I have Cakoi (which is extremely rare), it will always remind me of Ayah.  Whenever Ayah came to my house, he would never fail to buy Cakoi or whenever he was in KL and staying with my sisters, he would still ask us to buy the Cakoi from Bandar Tun Razak.  Chakoi happened to be one of his favourite tea treats. No matter where he tried or bought the Cakoi, he would always boast that the ones in Bandar Tun Razak are the best Cakoi in Malaysia. The texture and the outer layer enveloping the fried dough is simply perfect and the taste is just heavenly.

And the same stall also sells Cakoi with red bean filling and it's just as great.

After Khairul bought the Cakoi, I remembered the Kuah Kacang and Sambal Tumis Sotong which I had prepared earlier for Khairi's Hari Raya gathering.
Without a moment to lose, my husband and I finished the Cakoi (huhhhh... don't be taken in by the above picture!! Of course we didn't eat a mountainful of Cakoi! - it was only 4 pieces between us...) which we had both dipped in the Sambal Kacang and Sambal Tumis Sotong.  Cakoi had never tasted so gooood... with these two tantalizing dishes!!! Oh my!!! It's really yummy!!!! And I try not to think too much about how Ayah had loveed the Cakoi. It always distresses me........ Ayah. I miss you.....

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