Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tini, Your House Seemed Different After Mak's Demise

4 October 2009, Sunday (15 Syawal)

Today we went to visit my sister-in-law, Tini and her family at her house in Bangi after we had lunch at Village View restaurant, also in Bangi.

It's the first time we are seeing her again after we dropped off my father-in-law at her house during Raya, and after Mak passed away 2 days before Raya.

So it was kind of emotional when my husband and Tini embraced each other. I could see tears brimming both their eyes after that emotional embrace.

And her house seemed kind of different this time around. It was eerily quiet and empty despite everyone being at home.

Normally, the house would be quite noisy, with Mak's chatters. Even though her chatters seemed to be quite unintelligible the last few months before her demise, it really had livened up the house when she was alive. And despite suffering from dementia, she was a hilarious woman. She had always been a jovial and fun person.

And today, there was no such chatters.  There was no laughter from us.  There was no hilarious antics from Mak. Mak, we miss you.

And a short while later, I walked to Mak's room.  Tini had kept the room intact.  Mak's clothes, Mak's bed, Mak's small TV, Mak's wheelchair and Mak's personal belongings were still kept as though Mak was still alive.
It brought tears to my eyes as I surveyed the room. Mak, I could feel your presence in the room. It's hard to believe that you had left us 17 days ago. I quickly walked out of the room as by then I was too overcame with emotion.

And, before we left, I had requested for Mak's Baju Kedah.  And Tini had been kind enough to give me not only Mak's Baju Kedah but also one of her sarongs.

I wanted to keep these as momento, to remind me of my short time with Mak, to remind me that Mak was just on loan to us.  And that Allah had taken her back to where she rightly belonged.

May Allah bless you, Mak.  Al-Fatihah.

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