Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Maid Tried to Commit Harakiri Today......

10 October 2009, Saturday (21 Syawal): 4:30 a.m
Sleep had eluded me after my schizo maid left as I recalled what had transpired between she and I at at 3:30 a.m.......................

When my alarm went off at 3:30 a.m, I had woken my husband up. It was time for him to take my schizo maid to the LCCT airport. And, as I had no intention of going to the airport for obvious reasons, I wanted to just laze in bed and see my husband and son off when they leave.

But instinct had told me to go down and checked on my maid.  Somehow, since last night, I had this nagging feeling that something was not right somewhere. When we were leaving for dinner with my kids, I had reminded my maid to pack her bags, and had asked her once again if she had enough bags to put all her stuff. And she had given a non committal answer to me. But I had brushed off the nagging feeling to a case of over anxiety...on my part.... I was actually counting the hours before she left....

So when I went down to check on her, never for the life of me, did I imagine that she was going to resist being sent back. As a matter of fact, she was the one who had kept pestering us to allow her to go back before Raya as something untoward had happened to her daughter. As she had just came on board (0nly 7 months), we were quite reluctant to allow her to go back, and had planned to let her go back for good after her one year is up in January 2010.

Even though there was light streaming from the kitchen, I sensed something was not right.  True enough, when I called for her, she was lying down in the living room and was not dressed to go. She was still dressed in the clothes she slept in. And when I demanded to know why she was not dressed, she had replied that she did not want to go back!!

Can you believe that?? I was flabbergasted and stunned!!! I remembered how obstinate and willful she was, so had explained to her, while controlling my temper that her passport had already been stamped C.O.M by the Immigration department.  And that meant that she would be classified an illegal immigrant if she did not exit Malaysia by today.

You'd not believe how mulish and headstrong she was because she was adamant that she remained in my house! And after I had once again told her that she must leave, she had the audacity to tell me that she was not worried about her work permit being canceled. Instead, she wanted us to send her to her friend's house. Believe it or not!!!

She reminded me of a suicide bomber, someone who's not afraid to die.  But in her case, for what cause??? She thinks she's a Japanese Samurai.  She's willing to commit harakiri. Hara-kiri is a ritualized form of suicide with roots in 12th century Japanese samurai warrior culture. Rather than be captured, a defeated swordsman would stab himself in the left belly, draw the blade to the right, then pull upwards.

She, a Japanese Samurai???????? At least for the Japanese Samurai,  i.e. a defeated samurai, it was meant as atonement. It also demonstrated enormous psychological courage, which was a way of winning back some measure of honor even in defeat. Obviously, bleeding to death from a gut wound or suffocating from a throat wound is a slow and miserable way to die.

But in her case, what cause was she fighting for? Perhaps, an asylum would a be a better place to commit her to.

And this time, I was beginning to lose my patience with her. I had told her in no uncertain terms that she must dress up and must leave for the airport by 4:00 a.m. Soon after, I went back to my room and had related to my husband on what had transpired between she and I.  He was shocked, to say the least.  We had mulled on the next course of action should she remained unmoved.

I went down with my husband and saw that she had gone into her room.  I had knocked on the door and once again asked whether she was ready.  And, PHEW!!! This time she was. Thank God!!! As she was leaving, she shook my hands and asked for forgiveness from me. I had not said a word to her because I was still reeling from the shock of the earlier incident. And had thought about my poor father-in-law who had been physically and  verbally abused by her. It was him that she needed to ask for forgiveness more.

I couldn't imagine and bear to put up with her in my house had she been persistent in remaining here.

When my son started the car, I felt a surge of titanic, in fact, colossal relief that finally, she's gone from my life, hopefully.....

Knowing her, anything can happen. I pray fervently to God to protect my family.I hope my family's nightmare is over, especially, my poor father-in-law. And now, hopefully sleep can face me......

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